How to Start Being an SEO Consultant

If you’re looking to break into a burgeoning industry, think about the SEO marketing that so many businesses need to succeed online. After all, just about every business will need some sort of exposure to make profit. With so many competing businesses online now, it’s very easy for a new business with a young site to get lost in the mix. Before you start your SEO consultancy, start a site of your own so that you know the process that so many others have to go through before they get their businesses off the ground. In the process of starting your own information carrying business, you will make strategies of your own that can help other businesses when you offer your SEO consultation to them. SEO can be very easily done on wordpress website as compared to others. WordPress website can be easily optimized.

SEO Consultation Blogging

On the other hand, you can make a lot of money just from your sites. After all, your site does not work with products and suppliers. You are selling knowledge, and that comes with a great bottom line! This will take some time, but get to know the trade. Learn about how a SEO consultation normally helps people, and think about how you can provide even better services. This is particularly good if you are already very familiar with how search engines work to index sites. After all, SEO marketing is built on the principle that advertising isn’t what it is in real life. It is making sure that your business shows up, even before it posts advertisements. With that in mind, make sure that you are getting some exposure for your own site. You might seek out your own SEO consultation, but you will learn more if you go a few months on your own, working out what works while running a free blog. If you blog regularly, you’re sure to get an audience. Just make sure that your posts are interesting enough to keep them around.

Posting Numbers

Meanwhile, think about how long a post should be if you want the search engines to notice it. Anything beneath 150 words can get hard for Google to index. The average article is indexed when it is over 400 words, though most people who work in SEO marketing will like to make their articles at least 500 words to be safe. Posting multiple times a day will increase how often your site is indexed, but posting once or twice a day will help audience retention. After all, people don’t often go to the same site multiple times in a day. They will tend to miss your posts in their RSS feed if it is too full. Even if you write multiple posts in a day, wait to post them once or twice through the week until your queue is empty.

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